Local Small Business SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is probably the best way to get your business the attention it needs online.

Having a website, while important, is far from enough to cut it. Optimizing your website and its content can mean the difference between showing up in Google’s top three results and showing up somewhere behind its top three pages…where basically no one bothers to look.

How Some Websites Rank High

The way it works is by optimizing your content (on your website) so that the top search engines’ will rate it as useful information to someone looking up specific keywords. Instead of spamming a whole page with those keywords, it ensures that the keywords appear naturally within the body of the readable web page or blog content.

As side benefits, your online content will appear more professional, and while it will get more attention in the form of traffic and clicks, it won’t look like it’s just begging for that attention or trying to pull off a scam.

SEO Gives You a Double Advantage Over Your Competition

Not only will your business show up much sooner than a competitor’s in online search results, it will also look better, especially if you’ve also got a good web design going for you.

You know the old saying about how if something looks like a duck, acts like a duck, and sounds like a duck, then it’s probably a duck?

The same principle applies in online marketing. If it looks, acts, and sounds trustworthy because it shows up first and provides useful information, then it’s probably more trustworthy than the rest of the search results. Why should your customers spend their money anywhere else? You probably already know why, since you’ve got a better product, but the key is to get them to know it, too!

Through SEO, you’re much more likely to be found online by customers who are looking for exactly what you offer, as well as those with a more vague or general idea of what they want.

Small businesses that use SEO do better online than their competitors who don’t. Here’s why:

  • they’re more visible
  • that visibility looks better and conveys trust
  • visitors feel more comfortable about becoming customers

That puts you, as a business owner, in a more comfortable position as well.


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