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Each ad campaign includes the following services, landing pages are additional.


Account Setup

Setting up an Adwords account correctly is as important as managing it. Most do it wrong.

Adwords Strategy

We create a strategy that works for your industry and business to ensure you win.


With every campaign we include remarketing, we make sure your message isn’t overlooked.

Tracking & Reporting

We setup tracking to help everyone know if the campaign is getting the results you deserve.

Weekly Optimization

Each week we improve the campaigns to make sure they bring in more new business for you.

Campaign Creation

We craft your campaigns by writing copy and ad creative that gets you the customers you want.

Google Adwords Management Company

You’re busy running a business, don’t waste your ad budget.

Google Adwords PPC Company, Web Champs, Tulsa, OkllahomaWhen you’re busy running every aspect of your business, your advertising budget sometimes suffers. You don’t pay close attention to it, and you end up shelling out lots of money, wasting it.

That’s why it is important to hire our Google AdWords management company. You will definitely end up saving money and getting that bang-for-the-buck to stretch your advertising dollars to their maximum potential.

One of our tried-and-true methods is Google AdWords, which offers several advantages, including:

  • Reach who you want to reach. Whether you have a local or global business, we tailor Google AdWords to reach your potential customers—wherever they are. We target specific audiences for specialized businesses.
  • Measure performance. We see how your ads are performing. We determine how many people have seen your ads, visited your website and called your business. Many businesses buy advertising but then don’t ever look at how well it’s working. We take the guesswork out of your advertising by showing you these performance metrics.
  • Fine tuning. Once we’ve put your ads to the test, we find out what’s working and what’s not, then fine tune your ads and retest the changes to make sure they’re working better for you.
  • Budget. This approach minimizes your spend and lets you maintain control over your advertising budget. You can adjust your Google AdWords whenever you want, and the best part is there is no contract obligation or cancellation penalty fees.

Google AdWords is an effective platform for any sized business—small, medium or large. Some large firms spend $50 million per year on AdWords. Most of us certainly don’t have a budget like that, but these big spenders wouldn’t be spending that kind of cash if the platform wasn’t working for them.

All advertising costs money, and so does Google AdWords. The key is to make sure you are getting a great return on investment (ROI). Most people don’t have the time to invest in learning and implementing Google AdWords, so leave that up to us. This method does work if you invest the effort to do it well. It is an affordable and effective form of advertising to target qualified prospects for your business. We manage it correctly to deliver a strong ROI for you. You’ll love what we do to grow your leads and your sales.

We work hard to find wasted ad spend and missed opportunites.

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