Marketing Automation Services

Grow Your Practice or Firm
With Marketing Automation

(Even If You Have No Time)

Say you only have 1 customer (stick with me, I know you have more).

And that customer sends you 10 questions by email. Since it’s your only customer, replying to each email is easy. It’s something you could do in your sleep.

Now, say you have 10 customers and each one sends you 10 emails.

The work becomes a bit more intensive and replying to 100 emails starts to interfere with your real business.

You realize that you can’t possibly keep responding to emails, attending meetings, scheduling sales calls and trying to hire a new employee.

But how are your competitors handling the competing demands around growing their business and never-ending-tasks?

Why does it feel like you can’t ever get ahead of your marketing and sales?

Here are a couple reasons:

  1. You’ve never established a clear strategy for marketing and sales.
  2. Marketing and sales software seems overwhelming and like “one more thing” to do.

So you end up juggling (manually) marketing tasks and making these mistakes:

  • “hope marketing” by trying anything that comes along
  • no strategy for creating great content for your customers
  • no time to respond to all the emails, so some customers fall through the cracks
  • responding to the same questions over and over
  • storing important customer information in different systems

That’s where Web Champs comes in and helps you grow your business, sell more to existing customers and delight your customers by using marketing automation.

Believe me, marketing automation saves you time by allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Hire Us On Retainer To Grow Your Business Fast!

Our packages help you run every single part of your marketing and sales funnel more efficiently and effectively.

Web Champs retainer packages include:

  • Initial software setup and integration
  • Marketing / sales strategy Champ Blueprint
  • Copy writing for emails, landing pages & sales pages
  • Creation of high-quality lead magnets
  • Lead capture setup and implementation
  • Workflow automation sequences
  • Campaign autoresponder sequences
  • Lead scoring and segmentation
  • Implementing & managing HubSpot software
  • Monthly reporting and analytics

To get started, fill out my Marketing Automation questionnaire and I’ll be in touch within a day.