60 Day Trial – No Commitment, No Contracts, No Kidding

You’re a business owner that’s in a distinguished group, and marketing agencies reach out to you all the time.

We know that you pay for advertising. We know your competitors pay for advertising, which means, you have to compete to be seen by your ideal prospects (sometimes against competitors with much larger marketing budgets).

So, marketing agencies like mine reach out to you everyday promising great results, how they can 10x your business, or bring in tons of new customers because “they’re the best.”

I say that stuff too; I also have a proven track record or delivering results for my clients (without a long-term contract). But, I’m trying a new way of building trust, since everyone says they can help grow your business.

I’ve found the best thing I can do is show you results and then ask you to pay me.

I get it…it’s a bit old-fashioned and there must be a catch.

Here’s the deal…

For 60 days I’m willing to manage your Google Adwords campaign at no-cost to you. I take on the risk of showing you I can get you results, not you. If you like the results after 60 days we can talk more about what it will look like to work together.

Since I’ll be creating your landing page, ad copy, targeting, campaigns, ad groups, tracking and everything else related to your campaign I ask that you show you are serious by only paying your ad budget.

You have to be willing to spend at least $1,500 a month in ads to qualify.

If you’re interested, fill in the form to request more information.

Joseph Bojang, Web Champs PPC OwnerMy Best,

Joseph Bojang
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